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I will disconnect.

Disconnect Mantra Pic
So, I am off again. I am getting on a jet plane and traveling far away. But, this time, not am I only going to explore, but I am planning to disconnect completely. I try my best when I am home to limit my social media time and when I travel, I try even harder. But, that urge to show where I am and who I am with sometimes overcomes my desire to disconnect. Then, I find myself logging in and logging out of the experience.
This time, I am taking it a bit further, no social media the entire trip! Yikes!! And, I will not respond to any emails. Bigger Yikes!! I know!! I know!! How will the yoga world survive? Just kidding… I know you know that you will be fine, but how will I be?!?!? I know the first few days may be a challenge, but I am excited to have a true disconnection and take time to be completely in the moment.
There are a ton of benefits of being an entrepreneur, but one of the biggest challenges is learning to stop working!! There is always something to be posted. There is always a message that needs a response. There is always something to be written or edited. Although turning off the technology can be challenging, I am excited to return with a clear mind and heart filled with new ideas and perspectives.
As I head out on Friday, I challenge you to take a few hours, maybe a day or even a few, to have your own digital detox. Let’s do this together and report back on how we all feel. Do you remember the days before smart phones, social media and constant connection??? I do and I cannot wait to go back and embrace how those moments of complete disconnection feel.
This week’s mantra:
I will disconnect.
I will disconnect.
I will disconnect.
Sending peace and love!
XO – L

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