I choose quality over quantity.

Mantra Pic Choose Quality
It is not just me… it happens to us all… over the next week, we get lots of invitations to do a lot of things!!! But, rather than say, “yes,” to everything, I make choices. Sadly, I cannot do it all even if my calendar permits it. And, I surely cannot enjoy it all, if I say, “yes”, to it all!! Yoga encourages us to be self-aware and mindful. It took me many years to understand that I am an introvert and that I need to be extremely careful with the amount social obligations I add to my calendar. (Side note.. being introverted, does not make me anti-social. I can be a social butterfly, when needed, but after a few hours or a few days, I will need to take some time off from buzzing around parties and events.)
No matter if you are an introvert or extrovert, take some time before you hit accept to everything being thrown your way. Make sure to schedule some self-care and rest time during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Make a conscious effort to plan your schedule wisely so that you can be completely present during those special events. Choose to connect with those who are most important to you. Choose quality interaction over quantity. This will help you move into the New Year feeling healthy and uplifted rather than burnt out and depleted.
I choose to do less so that I have more time to have meaningful connections with those I love. So, as we move into the eye of the storm, keep yourself grounded with the following mantra…
I choose quality over quantity
I choose quality over quantity
I choose quality over quantity
This mantra can also be applied to many other choices throughout the week. For example, I promise to only drink quality wine:) But, I may choose both, quality and quantity. Hehe!! Cheers to the holidays and to your health!
Sending you love, light and warmth throughout the holidays!! I am taking some time to disconnect and I hope you will too! Mantras and emails will resume January 6th!
XO – L

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