Look for the rainbow within the clouds.

June 4 Mantra Pic
I vividly remember the day this was picture taken. I couldn’t step away from my phone or computer without a new message, a new email, a new ping showing up. Every time I thought it would stop, it just started back up.
I even rolled out my mat and attempted to practice, but the real noise (ping, ping, ping) as well as the mental noise wasn’t going anywhere. Side note, electronics are typically off for my practice, but I was teaching an event in less than an hour so I couldn’t disconnect.
But, that leads me to the next portion of my day… When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I arrived to the event with a long line of people waiting. Which was great, but I also needed to check everyone in within only a few minutes. I got it done and we were moving forward, but then the wind picked up, the clouds rolled in and within 10 minutes of our practice, it started to dump rain!
We ran for cover on the deck and then I asked, “Want to try and do it here?” Every single person agreed and no one ever scurried inside. The rain drops continued to fall and they made their way onto our mats with some of us getting soggy bottoms. But, we laughed, smiled and did yoga together anyways.
The weather seemed like it was going to be the topper to a very stressful day. But, the ability of my students to transition, go with the flow and have fun, flipped my day completely. Sometimes the bad or stressful moments create the most beautiful moments.
By the end of our soggy class, the rain stopped and we were able to hang out our yoga mats to dry creating a beautiful rainbow.
This week’s mantra:
Look for the rainbow within the clouds.
Look for the rainbow within the clouds.
Look for the rainbow within the clouds.
Have an awesome week and I hope to see you on and off your mat!

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