Love image
This picture was taking over the summer in Ireland. Sometimes we just sit and talk and I am sure this is an accurate depiction of what I will be doing this week of Christmas with my dear friend and fabulous yoga teacher, Ena Monteleone. By now, I will be on a jet plane heading to Canada to see her and simply just be. No massive agenda is planned; we are simply catching up and spending time.
So, on this Christmas morning, I simply want to share with you the words Ena shared with me and her students while we flowed in Ireland…
Love Who You Are,
Love Who You Are Not,
Love Where You Are,
Love Where You Are Not.
Let this be your mantra for the week! Always remembering to be grateful for who you are and grateful for where you are on your journey.
And, I am extremely grateful that you are on this journey with me!
Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year!
Love, Love, Love…
XO – L

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