Disconnect to Reconnect

disconnect to reconnect imageDisconnect to Reconnect
How often do we run through our day so fast that we forget where it even began? How often do we spend time with those we love without even looking them in the eye? How often do we ignore how we feel physically and mentally so that we can move more, be more productive, attain more…?
Sadly, we are often in fast forward mode and forgetting the importance of slowing down. My main mantra for 2017 is SLOW DOWN. I recognize my need for speed in myself, my family, my friends and my students. When we move at a rate of fast, faster and fastest, we miss so much. We miss the subtleties in life. We miss the most important moments. We miss what really matters.
This all being said, I planned a trip to disconnect and reconnect with myself and my husband. I have spent the last several years focusing on my retreat business, which requires a lot of organization, researching and helping others relax and disconnect. In the meantime, I forgot to disconnect and shut down myself. Travel has become a mission to help others to disconnect from the world, but remains a “job” for me, which I love. I could not be happier, but I also realized it has been several years since I took a trip with my husband with the sole purpose of just relaxing and being together.
So, we are off and away in Tulum, Mexico, one of my favorite places to disconnect and reconnect. The wifi is limited. Everything is solar powered. Yoga is offered everywhere. And, everything is simply SLOW. As you read this, I am sure I will be itching to get out of bed to watch the sunrise, but I promise to take my time as I make my way into the day. I am sure I won’t be able to resist the temptation to post a few pics, but I promise to stay disconnected as much as “humanly” possible.
As we start another year, I encourage you to take a breather, relax, disconnect, reconnect and slow down. We all know the parable, the tortoise (or, in Mexico, the tortuga) wins the race.
Sending you love, hugs and a slow start to 2017!
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