Moving On!

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I am not going to lie! I cried a lot! And, then I cried some more. Tears started to flood my face when we decided to move from the house we bought shortly after we got married, over 13 years ago! With all this emotion you would think that I was moving far, far, far away. Nope, I am only moving a few blocks. I always knew I was attached to our home, but I didn’t realize how much.
Despite my love for Madonna and the many times I sang Material Girl over and over and over again, I always prided myself as a non-materialistic person. But, I couldn’t get over the thought of parting from my home where my husband, family, friends and I made so many memories. As I was reminded by so many I love, memories are forever; you can take them with you!
When the tears stopped falling and my mind no longer seemed cluttered with racing thoughts, I began to refocus on one of the many lessons yoga has taught me. Aparigraha (non-possessiveness), the fifth of the five yamas described in the Yoga Sutra, encourages us to let go of possessions. It is not just about letting them go, but also our attitude towards them. Freedom from possessions cannot exist if we are obsessed with no longer owning them.
Yoga has taught me so much and continues to do so. As we move on to complete 2014, what can you let go of? What possessions can you cleanse from your life? As you cleanse the possessions, can you rid yourself of the attachment to them? Life is too short to be held back by items and too short to not feel completely free! Move on and move forward!
Sending you lots of love and strength,

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