Where Do You Need To Be?

Where Do You Need To Be? image
For me, water soothes, calms and energizes me. When near the water, I feel invigorated, yet peaceful enough to sit in stillness for hours. My mind seems clear and my heart feels fulfilled. I feel at home.
For you, water may initiate fear and anxiety. Sitting near water may be the last place you would prefer to be.
The question, is not about water, but rather where? Where do you feel safe, alive and healthy? Can you close your eyes and see it? The next question is the hard one. How can you incorporate this location into your life more often? Your space may be the mountains, the city, a farm, a vineyard or even a local park.
I added travel to my things to do list at a young age and locations near water were always a top priority. It is no longer only about vacations, but rather about incorporating what makes me feel the best on a more frequent basis.
I know. I know. We are all not yoga teachers traveling around the world, but there are always ways we can get where we need to be. My life and travel didn’t just happen; I created this adventure filled with beachside walks, paddleboard sessions and jumps into the sea. I will never deny that I have an amazing life, but I made a decision that I would do whatever needed to create it.
Life does not just happen to us, but rather we create this world that surrounds us. How can you get where you need to be in order to have the best life possible? Life is way too short to sit still and wait for a vacation to be happy. Close your eyes and imagine your favorite place and then open your eyes and decide you are going to get there.
Sending you love and determination,

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