Thanks for Giving…

Thanks for Giving… image
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn, love and live.
My life is not perfect, but I will never deny its greatness. My days are filled with love and joy, but only because you helped me get here. Every one of you reading this has played a special part in my life progression and transformation.
For those of you who knew me ten or just even five years ago, you will always remain a special part of my past and a perfect place in my future. You were there for me when many of my days seemed to be filled with darkness. If I don’t, or didn’t say it enough, thanks for giving me strength, courage and perseverance.
For those I had the pleasure meeting within the last few years, thanks for giving me space in your life and in your heart. You will never truly understand how much I love you and appreciate the energy you have given me. Thanks for giving me love, light and hope.
I truly believe everything happens for a reason and my life took a 360 degree spin because I was meant to part with some and join with others. Similar to a sandy beach, our path changes everyday. Thanks for giving me space on yours!
With love and gratitude,

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