Change Within, Creates Change Throughout

Change Within, Creates Change Throughout image
As a sun worshiper and lover of playing in the waves, the shift from fall to winter is always a challenging time of year for me. I cringe at the thought of snow, below freezing temperatures, winter coats and shorter days. Just as the seasons change in the Northeast, so does everything else.
Change is inevitable. Change is needed. Change is desired and feared. Everyday we change and so does everyone around us. Some changes are subtle and some are drastic. We have the power to lead change, be a part of change and the power to stop it.
As our days get shorter and our time outdoors becomes limited, take some time to consider how you want to change and how that change can impact you and the world.
Life is often challenging because we resist what our heart is asking us to do. What makes you smile? What makes you glow? What makes you stronger?
Self-reflection leads to change filled with compassion, determination and purpose.
Can you change your perspective? Change a habit? Change your goals? Can you determine what needs change and what needs to remain the same?
So often, our days are filled with habitual actions rather than soul inspired movements. What inspires you? Can you learn to become attuned to your mind, body and soul and allow that to lead you in a new direction?
I am definitely not the person I was ten years ago, five years ago or even last week. I change because I can and because I know I should. I change because it is crucial for my spiritual, mental and physical development. Change within, creates change throughout.
Sit, meditate and listen to your soul. Small changes today, will create big changes tomorrow.
Sending you love and determination,

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