Balancing Fest!

Balancing Fest image
Once a year, Musikfest flows through Bethlehem bringing, music, dancing, laughter and lots of cheer. This year, we kicked off the first full day with yoga bringing a sense of balance to this 10-day music festival. We transitioned from Tree Pose to Warrior 3 reminding us that life is all about balance and so is Musikfest. Typically, for me, fest feels like a mini Mardi Gras arrived to Bethlehem. Commencing fest with yoga this year gave it a slightly different feel. I was still excited to go see all my favorite bands and gather with friends, but my morning yoga session reminded me to maintain balance while Festing. Musikfest is a perfect time to check your balance. You can walk through fest and make unhealthy food choices, you can choose to drink one too many and you can choose not to dance enough. We make choices every day that either keep us balanced or not. If you fall over today, remember to start balancing again tomorrow.
Join me Saturday, August 11th at 10:30AM at Banana Island for another great yoga session. Kelli Lin Knott will provide the music and I will provide the flow. For more info, visit
After yoga, visit the Apollo Grill for some awesome healthy food options!
Just in case you forget to balance, read How to Detox Your Body With Everyday Foods.
How do you find balance while festing, on vacation and during other celebrations? Let us know!

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