As someone who was super athletic in high school, a long distance runner for more than 20 years and an all-around lover of being active, I had my share of injuries. Many of these injuries were related to poor posture, lack of core strength and my misalignments while moving. Yoga not only changed my physical body reducing my frequency of injuries, but it also changed my physical and mental self-awareness. These changes transformed my movements to become much more calculated rather than momentum based. In addition, my breathing pattern and length of breath improved making me a much more efficient athlete.

I work with athletic teams as well as one-on-one with athletes who are recovering from injury or who are interested in improving performance.

I have worked with tri-athletes, marathon runners, long-distance bike riders and more. I have also worked with swim, basketball, volleyball, track, cross country and soccer teams.

To further discuss your team goals or your personal athletic goals, please email me so we can begin your process of becoming a healthy and happy athlete.

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