End of the Summer Cleanse

Summer brings farmers’ markets filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and perfect weather for outdoor excursions and workouts. It also fills our calendar with picnics, festivals and beach days. Late nights, extra cocktails and some undesirable food choices may leave you feeling less than optimal. Here are my end of the summer clean up and […]

Cleansing Your Soul

I spend a lot of time talking about proper food choices and cleaning out the kitchen, but what happens when our bellies are filled with wholesome food, we sleep the recommended 7-9 hours and we include yoga asana (the physical practice) and exercise into our daily lives and we are still off? What is creating […]

Cleaning Out the Cobwebs

It can be a little dusty, it’s filled with lots of stuff, it’s definitely cluttered. Do you know what I am referring to? For you, it may be your basement, the spare bedroom, the attic, the garage…? But, I am actually talking about your busy mind. There are so many thoughts moving through our minds: […]