I am proud of myself.

I am proud of myself. Monday’s (especially after a Holiday Weekend!) are often the day when we create the endless to-do list, when we overload our schedules and when we feel the most overwhelmed. The to-do list is inevitable, but what if we took a moment to honor and acknowledge some of our accomplishments? We Read More


Tis the season, where stress often gets the most of us. Mantras seem to fade and our calendar and to-do lists explode. We are running around stressed out and often way too fast. So, this week as the holidays in the USA begin and the transition to the holiday season begins throughout the world, let’s just Read More

Dream Big!

  I often tell my story of leaving my day job behind for pursuing my passions. But, my dreams did not stop there! That would have left me with quite the boring and uneventful life. Could you image if I stopped dreaming at the age of 28?!?!?! That would have been crazy!!! Leaving my job was just Read More

I will find steadiness and stillness within

  The last two months have been a whirlwind! From hiking and kayaking the coast of Italy, to a getaway in Brooklyn with lots of dancing, to climbing and admiring ruins in Peru… it has been a fun, crazy and sometimes challenging few weeks. But, as I roamed, I found myself missing home, yet searching Read More

I will ask for guidance when needed.

  But, yet, again, I’m leaving on a jet plane. Next week, I head to Peru with 35 of my students. This will be my biggest group yet and it will be on new territory!! But, when you know you are nervous and you know it’s all new, you ask for guidance and help. I’m Read More

I am here to LOVE, SHARE & GIVE

  We are here to LOVE. We are here to SHARE. We are here to GIVE. When we recognize this truth, when we accept this path, it all begins to make sense. Rather than asking what is owed to you or what can be given to make your life better, ask how you can help Read More

Breathe In, Breathe Out

  🔚🔙〰🔝💱🔜 This is kinda of what my brain feels like lately. With endless to-do lists and mounting social outings, my brain and body are going a bit haywire. But, every morning, I still make time to get on my mat. I still make time to breathe in and out. I still make time to Read More

I Will Slow Down

  Back from my beloved Italy with a to-do list that may just be longer than some of my Italian hikes. But, I have a choice. I could have woken up and forgotten my path, my process, my practice or I could choose to give myself permission to be a bit slower, a bit more Read More