I Will Relax

As we move into a holiday weekend here in the US, I encourage you to stop, be still and chill. It is often a challenge to simply relax. We feel this obligation to fill our time with an endless list of things to do. So, as our first summer holiday weekend approaches, I encourage you Read More

I will fill my days with passion.

Although it has been almost 12 years since I left my “real” job, I still clearly remember the sadness and anxiety I would have when I drove to and from work. I was living the life that I “should” be living rather than the life I truly wanted. Back then, I’m not sure it was Read More

What is my purposeful purpose?

Lately, I have been reflecting a lot on my purpose. I believe our purpose defines who we are and impacts our decisions and our goals. And, I also believe our purpose shifts throughout our lifetime. So, taking the time to reevaluate and reflect is imperative to moving forward with purposeful purpose. My purpose has shifted Read More

I will appreciate the moments in transition…

  I love how Spring days begin cold and then warm. I love knowing that the day will become what I love. Life is all about these beautiful transitions. These transitions make us love the destination even more. Sometimes we need to enjoy the moments of temporary discomfort to truly savor the final destination. This week’s Read More

I am not afraid.

  I often think of myself as pretty fearless, but the truth is there is a lot that I am afraid of. Life can be extremely scary, if we let it be. We can ponder the terrifying  “what-ifs” all day or we can live and love with courage and determination. This week’s mantra is super Read More

Sit and Breathe.

  This is often extremely challenging. Our to-do lists are never ending and our minds never stop working. This week, I ask you not to clutter the mind with additional words, but rather enjoy the silence. Simply, sit and breathe! These words resonated with me and I hope they resonate with you as well. May Read More

How Are You?

Ahhh…Here I am last week soaking up the sun in Cuba with my beautiful cousins and 9 other amazing woman. But, truth is..after my retreats, I literally crash from exhaustion. I love coordinating, planning, teaching, hosting, socializing…but once the retreats end, I realize how much energy I gave because my body shuts down. The last Read More

I love you.

  We often give our love and energy away without too much thought. We easily focus our attention on the ones we love. We often love love love others so much, but forget to take time to love ourselves. This week we will recycle one of my favorite mantras that should be in your mind Read More