Nothing is Permanent.

  Ahh!! Yes, I am back from another adventure and sadly it is over!! Sadness, happiness and even vacations are not permanent (although, we may want vacations to be;). The good and the bad begin, but they also end. The key is to understand impermanence and see joy in the transition rather than the destination. In yoga, Read More

I will disconnect.

So, I am off again. I am getting on a jet plane and traveling far away. But, this time, not am I only going to explore, but I am planning to disconnect completely. I try my best when I am home to limit my social media time and when I travel, I try even harder. Read More

Be brave and be resilient.

  It is not always easy to make the “right” decisions, the decisions where you follow your heart and your instincts. It is not easy to listen to ourselves and to tune out “the others.” Often we hear encouragement to follow the sensible path rather than the path that makes us feel alive and free! Read More

I can trust. I will trust. I trust.

  Trusting the world, the universe and everyone in it can become intimidating. But without trust, we cannot be free. Without freedom, we are a slave to the thoughts and people that surround us. We must trust in order to live and love. This week’s mantra may not be easy to implement, but a mantra Read More

I will move forward.

I feel like obstacles are inevitable, but somehow overcoming them seems to often feel impossible. We spend lots of time focusing on what’s in front of our path rather than how we can step over, avoid, or even eliminate the obstacle. I feel like the Hindi God Ganesha has always been my patron saint of Read More

I choose quality over quantity.

  It is not just me… it happens to us all… over the next week, we get lots of invitations to do a lot of things!!! But, rather than say, “yes,” to everything, I make choices. Sadly, I cannot do it all even if my calendar permits it. And, I surely cannot enjoy it all, Read More

Appreciate the Pause.

  I rarely drive. I enjoy walking everywhere even if it takes a bit longer, even if it is a bit hotter or even colder. But, when I drive, I actually like stop lights. Yes, I know; it is strange, but true. I enjoy the pause. I enjoy that moment where I have no other option, Read More

I Will Rest.

We often go, go and go until we can’t go any more. We ignore the signs that we are tired, burnt out and exhausted mentally and physically. We have a hard time shutting off and tuning out. With the transition into winter and the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I find myself struggling to Read More