I will pause.

  I often start my classes asking my students to take a pause, asking them to slow down, asking them to be still… Typically, our days are so fast paced we need to constantly be reminded to take a deep breath and take a moment to simply be. Now, here we are. Everything seems to Read More

I will be confident.

To say the last few weeks have challenged my confidence would be an understatement. I started 2020 feeling as though this would be the best year ever for my business. I was pretty much sold out for the year and already planning for 2021. I was moving ahead and planning as I should. Then, as Read More

I will embrace change.

  I am an early riser. And, after the whole clock shift, the mornings go back to darkness. This can be extremely hard. We seem to move closer and closer to Spring, but then this somehow seems to set us back a bit, or, at least for me. Although, the warming weather and the sounds of the Read More

I will trust.

  Well, I am back from another amazing adventure. I do not particularly care for cities, but I do love Amsterdam. The last time I checked in, we discussed the what ifs, which can be overwhelming and often debilitating. My what ifs before traveling can often lead to sleepless nights and lots of worry throughout Read More

I will let the What If’s go.

This week marks the beginning of my travel season and it lasts until the Fall. On Friday, I head off to Amsterdam with an amazing group to explore art, architecture, fabulous food and of course get in some yoga together. Then, at the end of the month, I head back to Sicily to visit an amazing Read More

I will stay positive.

  Wow!! February is often the most challenging month for me to get through here in the Northeast. And, without any sunshine and palm trees planned until May, I am getting a little bummed out by all the grey in the days. So, what can we do to ward off the winter blues? Well, obviously get Read More

I will slow down

  I am already missing chatting about the Two Minute Morning. Well, I guess, I really have not stopped. But, I think we can still continue to reflect on it. One of the most important lessons, I have learned from this Two Minute practice is that I can start my day a bit slower and Read More

The Two Minute Morning

So, four weeks back, I started talking about the Two Minute Morning. If you missed some of my previous mantras regarding this topic, no worries, simply check out my blog where all my weekly mantras can be found. After introducing this morning ritual, we broke it down each week. So, this week, I wanted to circle back around to Read More

I will let go of…

  So, the last three weeks we have been focusing on the Two Minute Morning. And, I saved the best for last or at least what I find as the most challenging: letting go! Wow! Can this be a difficult one?!? And, it can take up a lot of unnecessary energy. So, this week, let’s take Read More

I will focus on…

  This week, I am continuing to focus on the Two Minute Morning because I am still loving it and I hope you are too. Not to be redundant, but this week’s focus is…focus. Simply taking the time in the morning to write down three focal points for the day has been extremely helpful for me. This has Read More