I Will Explore

As you read this, I will be making my way to Mexico to the quiet and remote Isla Holbox to disconnect for a bit and explore. Despite the facade, I am quite the introvert and most of my travels are with groups of people, who I love dearly, but I am extremely excited to have Read More

I Will Simplify

We always want to add more, do more and buy more. Let’s think of what we can do less, which often makes us much more efficient and much more sane. Before you add another agenda item to your list, another meeting to your calendar, another item to your shopping cart online or in the store, Read More

Positive Vibes Only

It is easier to see the dark rather than the light. It is easier to give into the negative rather than trying to turn it into a positive. It is easier, but definitely not more productive nor uplifting. Negativity spreads quickly and our ability to dodge it often becomes skewed. We have the vision to Read More

Keep It Simple

Sometimes we over analyze, over critique, over think and even over reflect. Often, it’s not necessary. Let’s determine where we need to focus our energy and where we do not. So, this week, simply recognize when this happens and repeat the following mantra: Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Sending you love and Read More

Now Yoga Begins

You may have been practicing yoga for weeks, months, years and maybe even decades plus, but our yoga practice is more than just the movements on our mat. I recently read Yoga Sutra 1.1 and for some reason it resonated with me quite differently than ever before. Atha yoga anushasanam Now yoga begins This time Read More

Nothing is Permanent

Sadness, happiness and even vacations are not permanent (although, we may want vacations to be;). The good and the bad begin, but they also end. The key is to understand impermanence and see joy in the transition rather than the destination. In yoga, we often focus on the final pose, but rather the focus should be on Read More

Dream Big this year Leading Yoga Retreats

Dream big! Let’s Dream Big this year. Years ago I had a dream to lead yoga retreats around the world. I often tell my story of leaving my day job behind for pursuing my passions. But, my dreams did not stop there! That would have left me with quite the boring and uneventful life. Could Read More

I Will Look Inward.

  We often spend time looking for the answers externally. We search, we ask others, we google, but most often the answers are within us. One of the most important components of yoga is learning to self-reflect. In the morning, I always give myself some time before I jump into work and my lengthy to-do Read More


I often think of myself as pretty fearless, but the truth is there is a lot that I am afraid of. Life can be extremely scary, if we let it be. We can ponder the terrifying  “what-ifs” all day or we can live and love with courage and determination. “But what if I fail of Read More