Sit and Breathe.

  This is often extremely challenging. Our to-do lists are never ending and our minds never stop working. This week, I ask you not to clutter the mind with additional words, but rather enjoy the silence. Simply, sit and breathe! These words resonated with me and I hope they resonate with you as well. May Read More

How Are You?

Ahhh…Here I am last week soaking up the sun in Cuba with my beautiful cousins and 9 other amazing woman. But, truth is..after my retreats, I literally crash from exhaustion. I love coordinating, planning, teaching, hosting, socializing…but once the retreats end, I realize how much energy I gave because my body shuts down. The last Read More

I love you.

  We often give our love and energy away without too much thought. We easily focus our attention on the ones we love. We often love love love others so much, but forget to take time to love ourselves. This week we will recycle one of my favorite mantras that should be in your mind Read More

I give myself permission to slow down…

  Some mornings…you may just want to hide and hibernate. Be patient with yourself and start the day with one eye open and then the other. It’s ok to have days where you move slower, you have less motivation, you have less gusto. Give yourself permission to move at a slower pace and speed back Read More

My Actions Will Express LOVE

As I move forward and onward with my journey, I know that my heart is filled with love. But often, when we are tired, multi-tasking, too busy with life, we forget that although our hearts may be filled with love, our actions may not be. This week, I ask you to not only focus on Read More

I am comfortable with uncertainty.

  Some mornings I wake with a feeling of uncertainty and question where my path is leading. I feel uneasy, insecure and sometimes even afraid. I/We cannot predict the future. Even the most perfect plan can fail or derail. This morning I sit with uncertainty and find a comfortable spot with it because I know Read More

Nothing is Permanent.

  Ahh!! Yes, I am back from another adventure and sadly it is over!! Sadness, happiness and even vacations are not permanent (although, we may want vacations to be;). The good and the bad begin, but they also end. The key is to understand impermanence and see joy in the transition rather than the destination. In yoga, Read More

I will disconnect.

So, I am off again. I am getting on a jet plane and traveling far away. But, this time, not am I only going to explore, but I am planning to disconnect completely. I try my best when I am home to limit my social media time and when I travel, I try even harder. Read More

Be brave and be resilient.

  It is not always easy to make the “right” decisions, the decisions where you follow your heart and your instincts. It is not easy to listen to ourselves and to tune out “the others.” Often we hear encouragement to follow the sensible path rather than the path that makes us feel alive and free! Read More