I will embrace the moment.

  The conclusion of Musikfest always makes me a little relieved since life goes back to normal, but it also makes me a little sad since it is a reminder that summer is coming to an end. As we hit mid-August, and summer begins to fade, I encourage you all to take some time to Read More

Let’s Flow Together

  After another successful Musikfest filled with dancing, singing and simply going with the flow I am exhausted. If you missed it, Bethlehem, my home town and maybe it is yours too, hosts the largest free music festival in the USA. For me and for many others here near and far, the world stops for 10 Read More

Happy Birthday to Me!

  Yup Yup!! It is my birthday today!! And, not just any birthday, but my 40th!! Eep!! I thought that this picture, taken just a few weeks ago at my cousin’s wedding, beautifully represented what I wanted my 40’s to be filled with. More moments sipping Prosecco, of course, but also more moments filled with Read More

I will find joy.

  I have a unique and very special business that allows me to travel the globe to beautiful and exotic places. My toes are often in the sand, warm air often surrounds me and nature usually wakes me. But, I must admit, home is where my heart is. Although I travel a lot, if I Read More

Do it scared!

    Yes, it happened again! This week’s mantra is inspired by a podcast:) So, I was listening to a podcast and I heard Ruth Soukup explain her theory that we just need to “Do it scared!,” which made me a little nervous by just hearing those words. I continued to listen and immediately after I purchased Read More

I will let my ego go.

  I started Italian lessons two years ago (ish) and I won’t deny that putting on my student hat and letting go of my ego has not been easy. Struggling with a new language or anything new can be quite challenging and yet so humbling. When I stop for a moment and allow my ego to get Read More

Embrace the transition.

  With the 4th of July approaching this week, longer days and warmer air, summer feels like it has finally arrived. As with any other season, there is a sense of transition. My energy is completely different in the summer and as a result my days tend to be a lot different as well. Waking early Read More

I Understand.

When moving through moments of stress or when trying to overcome challenging obstacles, we often tell ourselves it could be worse; we should be happy with what we have or where we are; we should be grateful; we should just smile and move on… We hear it in our heads and we hear it from Read More