Finding Gratitude in Injury

Finding gratitude in injury image

If you have known me for more than a few years, you have seen me hobble, wobble, struggle and triumph through injuries. Despite being as healthy as I thought I could be, I dealt with more injuries than I would like to remember. Broken bones have plagued me since I was a child and continued to plague me through my twenties and early thirties.

Break after break often put a little damper on my fiery personality. There was always a cycle: denial, depression, acceptance and determination. Denial and depression became a shorter part of the cycle as I got older and my ability to see the bright side began to outshine the sadness and often the pain. These consistent breaks are not typical for most young ladies, but shockingly I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at the age of thirty.

Over Father’s day weekend, I celebrated three years without a broken bone. But, then it happened, I broke my finger. To some it may sound minimal, but in some ways it set me back. But in other ways, it moved me forward. My finger did not break mysteriously on its own. My wonderful, yet goofy, younger brother ran into my arms attempting to have me carry him. Despite my appearance of superwoman strength, we both landed hard on the macadam with him landing on my hand. I knew instantly something was wrong and I knew something was broken. After getting x-rays, it was determined that I broke my pinky. For such a little part of my body, it really hurt. I went through my typical cycles…denial, depression, acceptance and determination.

Then it hit me, years ago, this would have been so much worse. I have been working so hard to strengthen my bones and my body and this was just another reminder of how far I have come. It defintiely set me back a bit, but being in a cast with a broken arm would have set me back much further. Believe me, it is not all rainbows and sunshine over here. It still hurts like hell and I am annoyed with the things I cannot do, but I am grateful for all the things I can do, like typing this blog.

Sometimes we need to focus on what did not happen, rather than what did. I am so grateful that I am not in a full body cast considering he pretty much tackled me to the ground. I am so grateful for all the strength I have gained. I am so grateful my ability to find brightness amongst the dark and pain. I am so grateful for my resilience and determination. There is always a lesson to be learned and I am grateful for my ability to acknowledge and grow from them.

I hope your summer is injury and ailment free, but if it is not, find gratitude and you will heal faster inside and out.

Sending you love and strength!


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  • This made me cry. Thank you.

  • Life is a journey and our injuries are just another part of it. Focus on all the fabulous things and you will become stronger and healthier. I am always here for you, if you want to chat. xoxo

  • You remain one of the strongest young women I have ever met because you’re strength comes from the inside out. I see a lot of one handed yoga moves in your immediate future! Xx

  • You inspire me on so many levels! Get well soon cuzzo and I love you! 😘😘😘😘

  • You inspire me as well!! LOVE YOU!

  • You are definitely one of the strongest women I know:) Can’t wait to do yoga together again soon!! With two hands, I hope. hehe XOXO

  • Wow, Your words just spoke to my soul… So much identification. You’re so strong, and happy I get to do yoga with a ya!

  • Think positive and everything will change. Keep your head up. xoxo

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