Bachelorette. Shower. Rehearsal. Wedding Day. Honeymoon.

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting, yet stressful times of your life. Use yoga to calm, comfort and invigorate you through the planning process and wedding day. Calming and/or energizing flows can be used as a great addition to each step of the wedding process.

Start the day with yoga and end with spa sessions.
End a Bachelorette Weekend with a Detoxing Flow.

Wedding Shower:
Treat your friends and family to a unifying yoga class. A yoga class will be a great way to bring together new family and friends.

Offer a pre-rehearsal yoga class that will unite the wedding party and energize everyone for a fun-filled weekend.

Wedding Day:
Provide a Bridal Party class that calms everyone’s nerves and gets everyone excited for a day celebrating love and life!
Start the day with a private bride/groom session that unites, reduces stress and energizes.

Traveling near or far, yoga can be a great addition to a honeymoon. Calming the body and mind is a priority on a honeymoon. Allow yoga to assist with this process energizing you for a future filled with love and happiness. Please email Laurel to discuss details.


Half day: $350
Full day: $450
1hr: $150
Half day: $385
Full day: $500 
1 hr: $30 per person
Half day: $70 per person
Full day: $95 per person

* A Travel Fee may apply. Half Day: 3 hours, Full Day: 6 hours